2012-13 MIAA Team GPA Award

The MIAA Team GPA Award is presented to conference teams that achieve a 3.300 or better grade point average for an entire academic year. This award, first presented in 1998-99, is administered by the Faculty-Athletic Representatives of the MIAA member colleges.

* denotes Team GPA Honoree every year since program was initiated in 1998-99 (15 consecutive years).

School & Team, Coach, GPA

Hope Women’s Tennis (Adam Ford) 3.749
Hope Volleyball (Becky Schmidt) 3.671
Trine Women’s Tennis (Ryan Gould) 3.662
Albion Women’s Cross Country (Hayden Smith) 3.636
Saint Mary’s Volleyball (Toni Kuschel) 3.607
Hope Women’s Golf (Greg Stafford) 3.600
Hope Women’s Basketball (Brian Morehouse) 3.567
Trine Men’s Tennis (Ryan Gould) 3.543
Calvin Women's Cross Country (Brian Diemer) 3.537*
Trine Women’s Track & Field (Tom Knudson) 3.530
Calvin Volleyball (Amber Warners) 3.527
Trine Volleyball (Jamie Wozniak) 3.524
Olivet Women's Golf (Bill Maas) 3.522
Hope Women’s Track & Field (Kevin Cole) 3.511
Olivet Women's Tennis (Richard Halverson) 3.507
Albion Women’s Track & Field (Lance Coleman) 3.504
Calvin Women's Tennis (Jerry Bergsma) 3.503
Hope Women’s Swimming & Diving (John Patnott) 3.503
Adrian Women’s Tennis (Adam Albertsen) 3.500
Kalamazoo Men's Basketball (Eric Dougal) 3.492
Albion Volleyball (Kristin Slamer) 3.490
Calvin Women's Basketball (John Ross) 3.489
Olivet Women's Basketball (Nicole Burford) 3.479
Kalamazoo Women's Soccer (Bryan Goyings) 3.466
Kalamazoo Women's Swimming & Diving (Kathy Milliken) 3.466
Albion Women’s Tennis (Keith Turner) 3.462
Olivet Volleyball (Megan Miller) 3.456
Hope Women’s Soccer (Leigh Sears) 3.452
Calvin Men's Cross Country (Brian Diemer) 3.443
Kalamazoo Women's Golf (Dean Marks) 3.441
Hope Women’s Cross Country (Mark Northuis) 3.440*
Albion Women’s Swimming & Diving (Jake Taber) 3.424
Adrian Women’s Golf (Troy Martin) 3.420
Calvin Women's Soccer (Mark Recker) 3.419
Kalamazoo Men's Cross Country (David Dimcheff) 3.416
Saint Mary’s Basketball (Jennifer Henley) 3.411
Olivet Men's Cross Country (Jeff Kavalunas) 3.404
Trine Softball (Donnie Danklefsen) 3.401
Kalamazoo Women's Cross Country (David Dimcheff) 3.400
Calvin Women's Track & Field (Bret Otte) 3.398
Adrian Volleyball (David Kwan) 3.390
Calvin Men's Tennis (John Ross) 3.373
Hope Men’s Tennis (Steve Gorno) 3.373
Calvin Women's Swimming & Diving (Dan Gelderloos) 3.369
Alma Women’s Cross Country (Gordon Aldrich) 3.368
Olivet Women's Soccer (Hans Morgan) 3.367
Calvin Men's Golf (Brian Bolt) 3.365
Albion Men’s Tennis (Keith Turner) 3.358
Hope Women’s Lacrosse (Tracy Benjamin) 3.357
Trine Women’s Cross Country (Tom Knudson) 3.352
Calvin Men's Basketball (Kevin Vande Streek) 3.347
Kalamazoo Men’s Soccer (Lumumba Shabazz) 3.344
Trine Women’s Soccer (Terry Stefankiewicz) 3.338
Saint Mary's Soccer (Michael Joyce) 3.332
Kalamazoo Men’s Swimming & Diving (Kathy Milliken) 3.330
Kalamazoo Women’s Tennis (Mark Murphy) 3.328
Trine Women’s Lacrosse (Jeannine Ravellette) 3.328
Alma Women’s Soccer (Jeff Hosler) 3.326
Albion Men’s Golf (Jordan Rich) 3.325
Kalamazoo Softball (Sue Mattice) 3.324
Kalamazoo Women’s Basketball (Katie Miller) 3.316
Albion Softball (Christina Finch) 3.311
Adrian Men’s Tennis (Adam Albertsen) 3.310
Saint Mary's Cross Country (Jackie Bauters) 3.306
Kalamazoo Men’s Golf (Mitch Wilson) 3.303