Final 2012-13 MIAA Men's Swimming/Diving Report

Final Standings

1. Kalamazoo
2. Calvin
3. Hope
4. Albion
5. Olivet
6. Alma

The MIAA champion is determined solely on the basis of results at the MIAA championship meet.

Wednesday, March 20-Saturday, March 23
NCAA Division III Championships at Shenandoah, Tex. 

Final Team Scores: 1. Kenyon, Ohio 499.5. 2. Denison, Ohio 428. 3. Massachusetts Inst. of Technology 334. 4. Johns Hopkins, Md. 316. 5. Emory, Ga. 280. 20. Kalamazoo 45. 41. Albion 10.    

MIAA All-American Performances
3-Meter Diving: Will Guedes, Kalamazoo, 1st, 572.50 pts.
1-Meter Diving: Will Guedes, Kalamazoo, 3rd, 491.55 pts.

MIAA Honorable Mention All-American Performances:
100 Breaststroke:
 Jacob Lindquist, Kalamazoo, 11th, :56.31; Dylan Shearer, Kalamazoo, 14th, :56.55
100 Freestyle: Brian Fiorillo, Albion, 11th, :44.99 
50 Freestyle: Brian Fiorillo, Albion, 13th, :20.50

All-MIAA Honors

Most Valuable Swimmer
Brian Fiorillo, Albion
(Junior from Southgate/Anderson HS)

Most Valuable Diver
William Guedes, Kalamazoo
(Sophomore from Brasilia, Brazil)

All-MIAA Team
Brian Fiorillo, Albion** (junior from Southgate/Anderson HS)
William Guedes, Kalamazoo** (sophomore from Brasilia, Brazil)
Michael Allen, Kalamazoo* (freshman from Monroe/Monroe HS)
Alex Armstrong, Kalamazoo** (senior from Grinnell, Iowa/Grinnell HS)
Tyler Benmark, Kalamazoo* (senior from Grand Blanc/Grand Blanc HS)
Johnson Cochran, Calvin* (freshman from Mount Vernon, Ohio/Mount Vernon HS)
Kevin Ewing, Kalamazoo* (freshman from  Deerfield, Ill./Deerfield HS)
Tyler Fisher, Kalamazoo* (sophomore from Ypsilanti/Milan HS)
Josh Grabijas, Hope****(senior from Howell/Howell HS)
Nick Hazekamp, Hope*** (senior from Janesville, Wis./Joseph A. Craig HS)
Kenny Heidel, Kalamazoo* (senior from Gainesville, Va./Battlefield HS)
Jacob Lindquist, Kalamazoo* (freshman from Lake Orion/Lake Orion HS)
Elliot Littman, Kalamazoo** (sophomore from Oak Park/Berkley HS)
Caleb Meindertsma, Calvin* (freshman from Annandale, Va./Trinity Christian HS)
Brad Melpolder, Albion* (junior from Hamilton/Hamilton HS)
Andrew Mitchell, Calvin* (junior from Iron Mountain/Kingsford HS)
Mark Rushlow, Calvin*** (senior from Goshen, Ind./Middlebury Northridge HS)
Dylan Shearer, Kalamazoo** (sophomore from Milan/Milan HS)
Travis Vincent, Calvin** (sophomore from Novi/Novi HS)|
Troy Wilkins, Olivet* (freshman from Lansing/Everett HS)

* - denotes number of years All-MIAA

Wednesday, February 13-Saturday, February 16
MIAA Championships at Jenison Aquatics Center

Final Team Scores: 1. Kalamazoo 895.5. 2. Calvin 666. 3. Hope 527.5. 4. Albion 464.5. 5. Olivet 367. 6. Alma 246.5.  

Event Winners
800 Freestyle Relay:  Albion (Brad Melpolder, Brian Fiorillo, Josh Boren, Tom Parsons), 6:49.90
200 Free Relay:
 Kalamazoo (Dylan Shearer, Petar Simic, Tyler Benmark, Alex Armstrong), 1:22.48
500 Free: Brad Melpolder, Albion, 4:36.80
200 Individual Medley: Kevin Ewing, Kalamazoo, 1:53.35 
50 Free: Brian Fiorillo, Albion, :20.31
1-Meter Diving: William Guedes, Kalamazoo, 514.25 pts.
400 Medley Relay: Calvin (Andrew Mitchell, Johnson Cochran, Mark Rushlow, Mitchell Schroder), 3:22.77
200 Medley Relay: Kalamazoo (Alex Armstrong, Jacob Lindquist, Tyler Benmark, Dylan Shearer), 1:32.95
400 Individual Medley: Kevin Ewing, Kalamazoo, 4:04.58 
100 Butterfly: Mark Rushlow, Calvin, :49.96
200 Freestyle: Brian Fiorillo, Albion, 1:42.73 
100 Breaststroke: Jacob Lindquist, Kalamazoo, :56.79 
100 Backstroke: Nick Hazekamp, Hope, :51.30 
3-Meter Diving: William Guedes, Kalamazoo, 495.30 pts. 
1650 Freestyle: Caleb Meindertsma, Calvin, 16:06.12
200 Backstroke: Nick Hazekamp, Hope and Kevin Ewing, Kalamazoo, 1:51.53 (tie)
100 Freestyle: Brian Fiorillo, Albion, :44.70
200 Breaststroke: Dylan Shearer, Kalamazoo, 2:03.28
200 Butterfly: Tyler Fisher, Kalamazoo, 1:53.73
400 Freestyle Relay: Albion (Brian Fiorillo, Austin Bateman, Tom Parsons , Brad Melpolder), 3:05.57 

Complete Meet Results

MIAA Meet Results

Saturday, February 2
Albion 141, Calvin 134 Results

Saturday, January 26
Alma 149, Olivet 127 Results
Hope 168, Albion 115 Results

Saturday, January 19
Calvin 146.5, Hope 133.5 Results
Kalamazoo 133, Alma 78 Results
Olivet 156, Albion 128 Results

Friday, January 18
Kalamazoo 157, Calvin 77 Results

Saturday, January 5
Hope 140, Olivet 128 Results

Saturday, November 10
Kalamazoo 150, Hope 89 Results
Alma 146, Albion 129 Results

Saturday, November 3
Kalamazoo 193, Olivet 91 Results

Friday, November 2
Calvin 145, Alma 77 Results

Saturday, October 27
Kalamazoo 217, Albion 77 Results
Calvin 162, Olivet 124 Results
Hope 139, Alma 123 Results

Friday, October 19
MIAA Relays at Calvin (non-scoring)

Click here for relay results
Click here for 1-meter diving results
Click here for 3-meter diving results


Athlete of the Week Honor Roll

Week #1 - Brian Fiorillo, Albion
Week #2 - Kevin Ewing, Kalamazoo 
Week #3 - Johnson Cochran, Calvin 
Week #4 - Will Guedes, Kalamazoo
Week #5 - Dylan Shearer, Kalamazoo
Week #6 - Petar Simic, Kalamazoo 
Week #7 - Michael Allen, Kalamazoo 
Week #8 - Andrew Larson, Hope